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Bournemouth University has four faculties, and under the faculty, there are colleges under each section. Get the Bournemouth University phony Degree Certificate, buy a phony Bournemouth University diploma, get a phony Bournemouth University transcript. Bournemouth University certificate pdf. The four faculties are media and communication, management, science and technology, and health and social sciences.

Department of Media and Communication: Corporate and Marketing Communication, Media Production, News and Communication, National Computer Animation Center (NCCA), Center of Excellence in Media Practice. make the Bournemouth University hologram seals, buy a soft copy of the Bournemouth University fake diploma, Buy fake doctoral diplomas, master diplomas, undergraduate diplomas,Electronic Diploma.

Department of Management: There are four departments: Business School, Department of Activities and Leisure, Department of Sports and Sports Activities, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. Courses include tourism, hotel management, retail, event management and sports. All master’s programs in the Management Department have international elements and can be flexibly enrolled in September or January. All undergraduate and master’s courses provide internship opportunities, and postgraduate courses such as tourism, wine management, events, retail, and sports management provide one-year internship opportunities.

Department of Science and Technology: There are 6 departments: Archeology, Anthropology and Forensics, Creative Technology, Computing and Information, Design and Engineering, Life and Environmental Science and Psychology. buy fake Bournemouth University degree from the UK.  Courses include anthropology, archaeology, biological sciences, ecological protection, environmental sciences, forensics, geography, psychology, engineering, design engineering, product design, computer and business information technology, games and music technology.

Department of Health and Social Sciences: There are 5 university departments: pharmacology and public health, midwifery and health science, nursing science, rehabilitation and exercise science, social science and social work; 15 undergraduate courses and 17 master courses in total. Buy the Bournemouth University phony Degree Certificate, buy a fake Bournemouth University diploma, get a fake Bournemouth University transcript. Covers clinical sports science, midwifery, nursing, nutrition, operating room practice, emergency care science, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, exercise therapy, public health, social work, sociology and social policy, sociology and anthropology, etc.12 Category disciplines.