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The main campus of Pacific University is located in Stockton, California, with 11 colleges and more than 80 undergraduate majors.

Major settings: Anthropology, Sociology, Applied Science, Art, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Chinese Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Education and Learning, Environmental Biology, Sports Science, French Studies, German Studies, History, Literature, mathematics, media integration, filmmaking, film studies, news, television production, modern languages, music performance and education, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, drama, etc. how go restore the damaged diploma, buy a fake degree from University of the Pacific, order a phony University of the Pacific diploma, purchase a fake University of the Pacific certificate,
Pacific University has extensive academic ties with China’s “Tsinghua Medicine” China Pharmaceutical University. The two sides regularly exchange visiting scholars and exchange students, and the leaders of both sides have also visited each other’s colleges and universities for academic exchanges. In addition, the number of graduates from China Pharmaceutical University studying abroad to Pacific University is also very large. buy a fake diploma in the USA.

The University of the Pacific is a national private university. A professional teaching system, small class teaching, practical education methods, and a vibrant boarding life are the school’s fine traditions. The mission of the school is to provide a student-centered high-quality teaching model that combines professional liberal arts education with the future success of students. Pacific University welcomes international students from all over the world. The school has more than 80 majors for students to choose from, and personalized learning methods are another feature of the school. Therefore, Pacific University is the best choice for international students to study in the United States.

77% of the faculty and staff of Pacific University have a doctorate degree or equivalent. The faculty has both a doctorate engaged in professional research and a CEO of a large company. Therefore, the latest knowledge of practical subjects such as MBA and hotel management can be conveyed to students, and the curriculum is set A large number of practical classes are also arranged. At the same time, the University of the Pacific has always been listed in the US News and World Report America’s Best Colleges Guide. The University of the Pacific has won this award because of its many prestigious advanced teaching subjects, ideal geographical location, experienced teachers in various fields, talented students from all over the world, and the college’s “student-oriented” and “focused “Individual coaching” business philosophy. The curriculum arrangement of Pacific University is a model of combining theory with practice. Through internships and research courses, college students’ cultural and art course teaching integrates classroom teaching and pre-employment training.