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The school currently has 8 colleges, namely: Christian Theological Seminary, Catholic Theological Seminary, Law and Economics School, Medical School, Philosophy School, Mathematics and Natural Sciences School, Agriculture School, and Education School. Fake Universität Bonn Diplom, Buy Fake University of Bonn Diploma Online, Get a fake University of Bonn degree, buy a fake University of Bonn Diploma transcript. Get a fake University of Bonn certificate. In addition, there are more than a dozen research institutions directly affiliated to the school, such as the Institute of Archaeology, Language Experiment Center, and Astronomy Research Center.

The University of Bonn does have many scientific research institutions directly under the university as a supplement to teaching and research tasks. They are the Franz-Burger Institute, established in 1966, to study the late Greco-Roman situation, especially the transitional phase of ancient Mediterranean culture. Many of the staff of the institute are experts from foreign countries. The Old Catholic Theology Research Class, established in 1901, was funded by the Bishop Research Class and the Old Catholic Church in Bonn. It is the only old Catholic research institution in Germany so far. It is dedicated to cultivating a reserve force for the teaching and research of the Old Catholic Church. Buy a fake certificate. The Eastern Language Studies Program has only been established 25 years ago. It is of special significance to the University of Bonn, which was once located in the political center of Germany. copy a fake Bachelor’s degree, fake Master’s degree, fake Ph.D. make the Universität Bonn hologram seal, buy a soft copy of Universität Bonn fake diploma.

Since 1979, it has been financially funded by the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, mainly engaged in the training of language and cultural talents in the Near East, the Middle East, and the Far East. In 1983, the institute also offered translation courses in Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and Arabic. The French Cultural Research Center was established by the French Embassy in 1952. Most of its faculty, researchers, and activity funds are funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fake Universität Bonn Diplom, Buy University of Bonn Fake Diploma Online, Get University of Bonn fake degree, buy University of Bonn Diploma fake transcript. Get a fake University of Bonn certificate. The purpose of the establishment of the center is to promote mutual understanding between Germany and France and exchanges between students, scholars, writers, and art workers of the two countries.