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Bishop’s College School (BCS) is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, a French-speaking Canadian province. It is the oldest English private school in Quebec and the fourth oldest English private school in Canada. buy phony Bishop’s College School diplomas, get fake Bishop’s College School degrees, copy fake Bishop’s College School transcripts certificates,

The English Grammar School was established in 1836 by the first president of McGill University, Archbishop George Mountain, Doctor of Law of Oxford, E. Chapman, Master of Arts from Cambridge University, and L. Doolittle, the American preacher. In 1864, the first governor of Canada, Viscount Munch, hailed it as “Canada’s Eton School”. It is currently an English-French bilingual and aristocratic non-profit middle school for grades 7-12. Seven alumni were named Rhodes Scholars. The school building is a registered cultural heritage of Quebec. get fake Bishop’s College School diplomas, buy phony Bishop’s College School degrees, order fake Bishop’s College School transcripts certificates buy Canadian diplomas certificate. make the Bishop’s College hologram seal, buy a soft copy of the Bishop’s College fake diploma. Buy fake doctoral diplomas, master diplomas, undergraduate diplomas,Electronic Diploma.

Bishop’s College School (also known as Bishop’s College School, BCS) is composed of Cambridge University Master of Arts, McGill University History Professor Edward Chapman, and the then Sherbrooke Diocese of the United States New England preacher, the University of Vermont Master of Arts The Rev. Lucius Doolittle was founded together in 1836. At that time it was called Lennoxville Grammar School (Men’s Preparatory School). The school is affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada.

In 1853, Bishop’s College and Bishop’s College High School were part of Bishop’s College and obtained the Royal Charter from Queen Victoria of the British Empire. This charter gave praise to Bishop’s College as a whole The positive role of the mainstay of Canadian regional education and at the same time give Bishop’s College University Wing (now Bishop’s University/Bishop’s University) the ability to grant self-study to a doctorate in medicine, law, art, and science. In 1989, the Queen of the Commonwealth and the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) personally unveiled a plaque to commemorate this historical event in the St. Martins Chapel of Bishop’s College during his visit to BCS. At the same time, he gave a speech in recognition of BCS’s response to the traditional American War of Independence. Education for the descendants of the royalist nobles who immigrated to Canada and the general public.