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Simon Fraser University has three campuses located in three different cities in the Greater Vancouver area. Buy a phony Simon Fraser University diploma, Get a fake SFU Diploma, buy a phony Simon Fraser University transcript, get a Simon Fraser University phony certificate. The main campus is located in the hills of Burnaby Campus, the Vancouver Campus is located in downtown Vancouver, which is lined with skyscrapers, and the Surrey Campus is located in the city center shopping mall. In recent years, the Vancouver Campus has been expanded. For example, the Siegel Graduate School of Economics has been expanded.

The main campus of SFU is located at the top of Burnaby Mountain, which causes inconvenience to students in terms of transportation. However, the extension of the Vancouver overhead train and the passage of the student bus concession card U-Pass have improved the traffic problems. There are currently four main bus lines (No. 95, No. 143, No. 144, and No. 145) connecting the main campus and the overhead train system. Phony Canadian University diploma. Phony Canadian University diploma. Line 145 connects the Production Way-University sky station and the main SFU campus, and is one of the most important means of transportation for SFU students; Line 144 connects to Sperling-Burnaby Lake train station and Metrotown train station; Line 95 goes directly to Burrard train station, located at Downtown Vancouver, only one stop away from SFU Vancouver campus; Line 143 connects to Burquitlam Station. buy a fake Bachelor’s degree, copy a fake Master’s degree, purchase a fake Ph.D., make the Simon Fraser University hologram seal, buy a soft copy of the Simon Fraser University fake diploma.

The Vancouver city center campus is located opposite the Waterfront MRT station, while the Surrey campus is located in Central City, adjacent to the Surrey Central MRT station. Buy a phony Simon Fraser University diploma, Get a phony SFU Diploma, buy a fake Simon Fraser University transcript, get a fake Simon Fraser University certificate. Most Simon Fraser University students live in the vicinity of the campus and take public transportation to school every day. University dormitories can accommodate about 2,200 students, of which three dormitory buildings were completed in 2005.