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Universität Duisburg Essen diplom, Fake University of Duisburg Essen Diploma, University of Duisburg Master-Urkunde, Fake University of Duisburg Essen degree, University of Duisburg Essen fake transcript. Duisburg-Essen University is composed of the following colleges: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Mercator School of Management, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics, Biology Colleges, engineering schools, medical schools, and university hospitals.

Duisburg-Essen University will add applied communications and media majors in addition to the new informatics and applied informatics majors. This new information technology major is based on applied communication and media studies. This major has the characteristics of a multidisciplinary combination of information, psychology, literary research, and society. In this major for projects and practices, students can learn professional behavior skills in the fields of “informatics and new media”, “communication, language and literature”, and “human and public relations”. The innovation of this new major lies in the combination of information technology and humanistic knowledge. buy fake Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, fake Ph.D. University of Duisburg Essen fake diploma with actual hologram.

The school also offers a major in applied informatics. In addition to a solid grasp of basic knowledge of informatics and information-related mathematics, students must also learn basic knowledge of electronic technology and economics. In the professional learning stage, it is necessary to deepen the knowledge of databases, artificial intelligence, programming languages ​​and programmers, scientific computing, and interactive man-machine communication. According to different interests and hobbies, you can also choose additional applied courses, such as model recognition, graphics and language processing, information system simulation and model building (design, establishment, optimization), support information systems, and sensor systems. fake Universität Duisburg Essen diplom, Get University of Duisburg Essen Fake Diploma, University of Duisburg Master-Urkunde, buy University of Duisburg Essen fake degree, Get fake University of Duisburg Essen transcript. buy fake diploma from Germany.
The Mercator Business School of the University of Duisburg-Essen was established on October 14, 2005, on the Duisburg campus. It is the first Anglo-American demonstrative business school in a German national university, focusing on the field of business administration.