What does low education mean?

Low academic qualifications, under normal circumstances, social status is not high. Here we talk about two words, social status and social wealth.

Social status, to a certain extent, represents a person’s social prestige, that is to say, whether the work you are doing is decent, technical, and able to be in the elegant hall, or whether it is respected.

Social wealth, of course, refers to the money, resources, contacts, etc. obtained by a person through personal labor.

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If there is only social status and no social wealth, one cannot sustain a livelihood. If there is only social wealth and no social status, it is also difficult for people to gain inner self-esteem and social identity. So I think that if we want to have both, we actually need to give up something. Low academic qualifications are not really inferior, but when you ask this question, it means that you still care about it. As a social person, it is understandable to improve yourself, but it is worthy of recognition.

Many people feel that they can only engage in simple, highly repetitive, and low-knowledge jobs because of their low academic qualifications, and they stereotype themselves prematurely and confine themselves to such a framework. The fundamental reason lies in the low academic qualifications, lack of career positioning and planning. Today, my little brother, I will teach you how to find a way out in the case of low academic qualifications. You have to know that a low degree does not mean that you have no way out. If you are good at socializing and communicating with others, you can do business work, such as sales and market expansion; if you are more introverted and not good at speech, you can do technical work. Work; if you have some strengths and advantages, you can choose a job related to your strengths; if you are not good at or have no expertise, then you can spend some money to get a diploma online and find the type of occupation that suits you, You can also take a nine-type personality test to find your personality advantages; based on these, you can set yourself a career position and find a career goal.